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Best Practices implementation

The ‘Best Practices implementation’ at Powerweave is a management concept which stems from the belief that streamlined procedures and processes, quality controls, testing, feedbacks, corrective measures, re-testing, fixes and final deliveries, can help deliver an optimum outcome for the client with lesser bottlenecks and complications. This viewpoint, also commonly known among management principles as the ‘one best way’, saves both money and time for our clients.

As stated by Hoag & Cooper, we always ask ourselves "What is the best possible?" and not, "What is somebody else doing?” Based on this, we have laid down our process policies for developing and managing of the software systems that we create and deliver to our clients.

This approach, founded on continuous learning and improvement, help us to harness changes, sustain development pace, and provide our clients the competitive advantage within a shorter time scale. As a result, only the best solutions emerge from our self-organizing teams that constantly reflect on how to become more effective and follow it up with systematic adjustments in the work and process flows. Throughout the project, our business people and the developers work together, and with working software as the prime measure of progress we strive to meet our highest priority – client satisfaction.