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Customized Website

Over 100 leading web businesses are powered by Powerweave.

POWERWEAVE's industry leading web development services are cost-effective, time bound and comprehensive. Your business gets personalized design, rapid development and implementation, reliable hosting, bandwidth and support. All from one proven partner.

If you are looking to establish a unique, profitable online business with your own unique personality, business model and strategy, Powerweave's custom website development services are what you need.

Our expertise in developing online business solutions, our experience of working with a range of progressive businesses and our industry leading commerce platforms drive each solution.

Each project is unique, yet delivered by following a simple and effective process:

Analysis We start with getting to know your business, your clients, and your competitors through a combination of proven research methodologies and techniques

Mapping needs and adding value We help you understand the options, define your special requirements, bring in specific additional value and finalize what precisely your website should be.
Architecture We structure your site to deliver a friendly, powerful experience to your customers and yet work optimally across loads.
Design We either adapt your existing identity to become an online success as well or develop a complete new look and feel to create a unique brand identity through your site.
Content From deciding the content strategy to establishing the tone of voice, we keep one thought uppermost in mind - the content shall reach your message in the most credible and consistent manner to the visitor.
Graphics We carefully select professionally web-optimized, color-corrected and compressed graphics for the site, to minimize loading times.
Build We always build sites to W3C standards, integrate your feeds, images and animations, and validate the same through special tools
Facilities provision We provide comprehensive search functions and also develop content management tools with the simplest user interfaces, so that it becomes easy for you to manage the site by yourself
Post-launch re-evaluation 12 months after launch, we re-evaluate your site to understand the enhancements that may be required to catch up with the needs of your growing business and users.

We develop websites keeping in mind several factors in your interest - compatibility with multiple web browsers, good search result rankings, captivating appearance, "call-to-action" areas in the web pages to name a few. We also handle complicated components like slideshows, hover buttons, flash, virtual tours, and printable/emailable pages as part of the website's special requirements.

Guided Navigation - Guided Navigation is designed to help users using the Website to find relevant products by guiding them in an interface that always keeps information in context. The context is created by dynamically exposing the dimensions, attributes, and other relationships in the underlying data set. This experience is designed to help people navigate content, analyze information sets, refine search results lists, and combine search and browse behaviors. Search products based on specific technical characteristics of your products and all its available variants. Search products based on specific technical characteristics of your products and all its available variants.

Examples -

a. Search light fixtures with 80 watt bulbs

b. Search for motors with capacities of 0.5 hp to 2.5 hp

The search is be carried out by specifics of certain products within your database. The advantage is that the user is guided to the product closest to his requirement or matching the requirement from the product database

Quick Search - Your customers have multiple ways to search and select products. They can search by - Product type, Product code or a Key word search. Keywords will automatically be searched within the following fields - Product name, Item number, Category, Events, etc. It is designed to find the product of your choice instantly.

Advanced/Tag Search - The advanced search will provide more options to help the customer find what they are looking for. This would be helpful for large product ranges. We will provide the option in the control panel to tag attributes to each product. This will allow the product to be searched 'intelligently' and also allow the sales administrator to set the tags by customer needs. These tags come from forms, which are filled during product entry in the database. The advanced/Tag search is completely dynamic/ customizable and all the search fields can be set from the control panel. The user will be guided through the search using a menu on the left.

Marketing E-Mailer - This allows you to create your very own marketing e-mail containing detailed product specs of your selected products which can be emailed out to Sales Representatives OR in turn Sales-Reps could email it to their prospective product buyers. Sending out product information from the website has never been so easy. No email client required, no email window required. Email product information right off the website. Fast and easy.

E-mail Product Page - Send product details by email to a friend/colleague right off the website. Not just email a link, but actually email a page! Website visitors can send an email to someone that might be interested in a page by entering their email address into a small box on the page. This harnesses the 'viral marketing' effect to spread interest in your site.

Flash Intro/Splash Page - A Flash intro opening your website customized for your company branding. This will open before the homepage comes up. This will be an option of including a landing page before the home page - this could be a splash page or an animated page with basic links and entry into the home page of the main catalog. This could be an optional page, and can be disabled from the control panel. The splash page itself would be customizable and have the option of having an image/flash file/java script as the main component.

Sales Rep Locator - A useful tool for end-users coming to your site that directs them to the right reseller. Your resellers will thank you for additional business. It could be a distributor or a Sales Representative in their states.

Product Index- Display the complete list of all products on the site on one single page grouped according to the product group. Each Product is then directly linked to the spec sheet of the product or its respective catalog page if it exists.

The search is be carried out by specifics of certain products within your database. The advantage is that the user is guided to the product closest to his requirement or matching the requirement from the product database

Product Listing - Products are grouped and displayed by product category. Clear and simple methods of website navigation for your audience are important. We can implement a variety of navigation systems including stylish pull-down and pop-up menus if needed. We often use Java script to enhance the browsing experience.

Product Configurator /Product Customizer - Let the users configure the products they desire on your website. Let them customize your product to their requirement and let you know about it. Depending on your industry and your product specifications we could build an online product configuration tool which works on your website.

Complete Website Content Management - A user-friendly interface that allows you to manage the site yourself, add new product, edit/update product information. You have complete control over the entire website - you can change products, its specifications, add/delete categories and product variants etc. It's easy to use and requires no programming skills

For more information please refer - Content Management System

You control your website! Simple.