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Internet Business Strategy

Today the most important aspects for your business are the following and these require day to day follow-ups and attention.

    •  The way you do business, your business process.
    •  The way you look after your customers, your customer support.
    •  The efforts you make in delivering a faster more reliable service, your operations.
    •  The ease with which your customers can deal with you and respond.
    •  Product promotion and marketing efforts for increasing sales or assisting your Sales reps or distributors in getting more sales

Wouldn’t it help to automate processes where certain services are provided and taken care off in the best possible manner in a systematic fashion automatically?

You are unique. Your solution partner must be able to understand and leverage that uniqueness. What helps you stand out in a crowded market?

Your web solution in effect becomes your business on the internet and so needs to capture that special difference.

Invest here and…

At Powerweave we work with you to develop a Custom Website Solution that meets yours and your customer’s specific needs.

Technology and Innovation move fast. Your solution partner must move faster.

When you work with us you work with a dedicated project team. The team has the technical and business skill to understand your needs, answer queries, assist with ideas and ensure that you get the values that your website will need.

We create and work to agreed schedules and service levels at each stage: design, development, data management, deployment and support. So you get predictable and reliable answers.

You get our full suite of internet services. We partner you through the whole journey. Our services span the full extent of your needs. You get an industry leading website at an affordable cost. Your website will not cost a great deal to build and once ready it will not need big chunks of your time or big teams to maintain and support.

…this is what you get

You get a website that delivers solutions to your business challenges:
    •  A custom designed look to ensure consistency with your corporate identity.
    •  Up to 60 specially created features that deliver an easy and pleasant experience to your customers.
    •  Business tools that help you manage your business reliably and efficiently.
    •  Seamless integration with your current business systems
    •  Constant innovation and upgrades for your future needs
    •  Scalable and secure hosting

Your customers get a value packed experience:
    •  Powerful search options
    •  Search by Price range, Category, material, style/ Part Number, Product name/ key word
    •  Guided search
    •  Maintain multiple wish list and save them
    •  Send product inquiries
    •  Online documents and data access

Your sales team gets the tools to create effective marketing programs on the Web
    •  Customize your home page products and contents
    •  Maintain product catalog
    •  View and download catalog pages
    •  Email product page

Your operating team gets easy to use website administration tools
    •  Control panel – A User friendly interface that allows you to manage the site yourself. Edit products, pricing, and categories. You don’t have to depend upon a programmer any more!
    •  Password protected
    •  Website statistics – A suite of analytical tools, tracking visitors to your site, what they viewed, and what time. Identify most viewed pages/ products.