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E-Commerce Solutions

The comprehensive E-Commerce Solutions offered by us consist of e-commerce software and online shopping cart software that are customized as per your specific customer base, for you to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. A typical bundled software package would include E-Commerce web hosting, shopping cart software, e-mail marketing software, low-cost merchant account/gateway all-in-one solutions and much more. Such a comprehensive package eliminates the need for you to shop around for disparate providers of various components for running an E-Commerce venture successfully.

Our E-Commerce solutions are designed to ensure that making modifications and customizations to the templates are quite easy and user friendly for the non-technical user. Also these solutions would help you expand your customer service and at the same time, rise up noticeably higher on the organic search results. With an intuitive and flexible administration user interface, these solutions help improve online store efficiency with an arsenal of marketing and analytical tools, inventory tracking and reports, tracking orders, sending newsletters, setting up products, live marketing chats, real-time live help at sites and running automated drop shipping.

Our researching of the ways to further grow the online business has led us into creating small but specific functionalities like those which allow the client to consolidate many similar products into a single product page - making it very user-friendly for the customer to choose the item variations through the combo drop-down menus. We create several such applications that can be used to sell directly to consumers or to other businesses and can differentiate between customer types. Such measures are aimed at generating traffic to your site and turning those clicks into actual product or services sales.

Another area of our E-Commerce solution would include the many ways you can incorporate PayPal, credit card processing and other methods of financial transactions on your e-commerce site.

Keeping track of your e-biz finances is another equally important concern and we help you to plan and strategize technology solutions to startup costs, operating overheads and sales projections to ensure a healthy bottom line.

With a strong technical support and quick turn-around times, our E-Commerce Solutions help you deliver the highest customer service levels in the managing of online businesses, and create long-term customer loyalty.