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Hire A Dedicated Team

Hire a Dedicated Team

Opting for this arrangement helps you save on two important costs: hiring and infrastructure. The Programmer or the Team on contract to you works exclusively on your projects, and directly reports to you as well. In effect, you would be managing your project with utmost control over the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) resources, as it they were at your own office. This also helps you tackle urgent and time-sensitive projects in a much more efficient manner.

In an FTE engagement, as the FTE(s) works exclusively on your project, the learning curve is faster, and leads to increased productivity over a short period of time. This also builds up their domain expertise and enables them to offer suggestions and comments for the overall improvement of your projects.

The most critical feature of such an FTE engagement is the fact that all Intellectual Property developed by your team in India belong solely to you and you would hold the absolute rights over the same. FTE is a "work for hire" agreement, which is fundamentally different from Fixed Price or Time & Material type of arrangements, which entitle you only to co-ownership of the code or gain the license to use.

With total security and confidentiality assured, our pool of experienced professionals can work on almost all the languages: Visual Basic, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, PHP, HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, VBScript, Windows 2003, MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle and others .

Legal contracts signed by the resources, secure networks, firewalls, anti-virus protection, and multiple data backs ensure total security of your projects handled under the FTE engagement.

An FTE arrangement avoids all 'buffer' or 'padded' cost overruns and also provides for planned distribution of work. Also we monitor the productivity and optimum realization of the resources under FTE, and flag you with timely alerts, should any under utilization occur. Affording the full infrastructural facilities of a total development organization, an FTE arrangement is most suited for all projects where the client has a clearly defined idea of the outputs required and likes to be in direct and total charge.