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Managed Hosting

Powerweave offers comprehensive Dedicated Server Hosting solutions, wherein the server hardware, connectivity and routing equipment are fully maintained by us with the flexibility for adding advanced databases and e-commerce applications as and when you need. With years of experience and collaborative technical upgrades on constant basis, we help you sidestep the high costs of establishing and maintaining your own server setups for Internet infrastructure. We currently host over 70 sites on our web servers located in UK and US.

Our range also includes Managed DNS Service, which replaces the need for you to set up a separate DNS server and thereby prevents extra load and a performance downgrades on your main web data server. The managed support activities at Hardware level include server installation and configuration of remote management utilities, IP addresses, networking options, switches and routes, Load balancing and other related tasks. The Software level support starts with the installation and configuration of operating system, web server etc and extends to various monitoring and maintenance tasks related to all software applications running on your server. We also assist with domain registration procedures and domain/directory pointers.

The portfolio of hosting services comprises of:

Hosting main site, secure web site portal and test site, email news registration database, search engine, usage reporting software, databases

Technical architecture comprehensive back up for your site with three different servers at two locations

Site management tools flexible and upgradeable tools that simplified to give you control over your content, email services for your web site subscribers, news release tools and more

Web site analytics and usage Comprehensive reports and usage analysis data that gives you an in-depth understanding of how visitors use your site

Some of the salient features of our email solutions include: utilization of mail space as per needs on end-user to end-user basis, 3 Level anti spam using Bayesian Filtering and SPF, content filtering, detailed monitoring of mail users, optimum bandwidth quota, SMTP / POP3 / IMAP mail server & gateway, domain administrator level & end-user level management interfaces, user/forwarding/aliasing/auto responders facilities, online address books, user statistics like bandwidth usage and space usage, monitoring and control facility for mail quota and attachment size for individual users, advanced capabilities like task manager, bookmark manager, instant messenger and many more.

Reliability and security are the prime considerations across all our hosting and mail services and we also assure 99.9% uptime with 24/7 real-person customer service - all of which translate in to a powerful yet cost-effective performance of your website.